Many people associate casinos with massive profits, and they might think that the gambling business needs no marketing strategy. However, like other types of companies, casinos must advertise to be relevant and increase profit margins. Operators in Ireland have to go a step further by targeting millennials, and not just baby boomers and Gen Xers who for long periods have been the primary target for gambling businesses. Millennials must be communicated to with speed, relevance and convenience.

Choosing the Target Audience

Before marketing a casino, it is crucial to identify the target audience; otherwise, the message will be delivered to people who aren’t interested. The targets of casino advertising include new customers, defectors who were previously loyal to a different brand, young people who are increasingly engaging with gambling activities, and most importantly the older generation. Advertising will differ depending on the target group.

Millennial Preferences

The young generation in Ireland is tech-savvy and spends most of its time online, so casinos should use social media and other platforms to reach out to this audience. They are also communicative and well-educated and prefer designs that support integrated services, multiplayer games, and social gatherings. Marketers can visit to learn creative ways ads can be made to appeal to the younger generation. Casino adverts should show that they offer entertainment alternatives to the traditional live music. The messaging must be creative and simple with more images and less text. Most importantly, this messaging should be communicated in a variety of methods.

Baby Boomers and Gen Xers Are Still Part of the Target Audience

The older generation is still one of the primary targets for casinos. Older people have the money and time to spend on gambling. It is imperative that casino operators use a different language to that which they use to communicate with the younger generation, to target this aging group. Direct mail and TV ads are appealing to the older generation.