Ireland is no different to other countries that are happy when the Pope visits. Ahead of Pope Francis’s visit to Ireland on 25 August, business is expected to boom for the two days he will be in country’s Capital, Dublin. The Pontiff will pitch camp at the Phoenix Park, and close to 600,000 people are expected to attend the Mass on Sunday, 26th of August.

Not to Drive to the Central Business District

Garda Síochána, the police force of the Republic of Ireland, has issued a statement warning members of the public against driving to the venue and nearby areas. Instead, people willing to attend the mass have been urged to use park-and-ride hubs that are being prepared in Leopardstown, Maynooth University, Belfield and Fairyhouse Racecourse, to facilitate the huge crowds. Public transport will be free for anyone who produces a ticket for the Phoenix Park mass.

Benefits and Potential Losses

For sure, SMEs, especially those in the hospitality industry, will benefit the most from the Pontiff’s visit. On the flip side, though, there will be public transport interruptions, which may negatively impact other businesses when it comes to the supply of raw materials and delivery of goods. There are hundreds of businesses located near Phoenix Park, and they will apparently experience interruptions in their operations on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August.

Avoiding Losses

It has to be business as usual whether the Pope comes or not; so, business owners and managers should order stock and deliver products in advance to counter the obvious interruptions in business operations. They should also keep enough stock to satisfy potential increase in demand. Consulting the Garda may also be helpful as business operators will know if they can be granted special tickets to transport goods during this time. Otherwise, everyone should be happy and be set to welcome the Pontiff.