Small and medium enterprises in Ireland are fast embracing the Internet by promoting and selling their products online. Not long ago, digital innovation seemed far-fetched to many small firms. This has, however, changed over the last couple of years with at least 90 percent of people in Ireland now connected to the Internet. Nearly everyone owns a smartphone and uses it to buy or sell products. E-commerce has proved to be a success for prominent organizations in Ireland, and this has prompted small firms to follow suit and adopt the digital innovation. Regardless of time or place, e-commerce has opened doors to a wide and vibrant marketplace.

Innovation is Fast-changing the E-commerce Landscape

Businesses in Ireland can find the most lucrative opportunities online. From your local convenience store to your hairdresser, small firms make up at least 98 percent of all Irish enterprises. A business without an online shop or website cannot compete, and it is likely to lose business to established enterprises. Unlike in the past years when e-commerce was purely used to raise awareness and sell products, constant innovation has now improved technologies and driven more positive customer experiences. An online presence does end by just owning a website, you have to post great marketing content and answer questions from consumers.

A Staggering 20 percent of SMEs Don’t Have Online Presence

Despite the fact that many small business operators are fast embracing e-commerce, the IE Domain Registry Digital Health Index states that 20 percent of Irish SMEs don’t have an online presence. Going online is no longer rocket science where business operators had to break the bank and learn to code. Today, websites are inexpensive, and easy to build and maintain. Any small business that is willing to invest time and resources in developing an online presence will be well-positioned to rival larger enterprise and dominate market niches.