SIRO Partners with Viatel to Deliver Gigabit Connectivity to Businesses in Ireland

More often than not, people are pissed off with low-speed Internet connections that interrupt businesses processes and communication. Several businesses engaged in multifarious activities will jump to ideas of upgrading to Gigabit-speed Internet. Good news is that the dawn of gigabit connection is here and Irish businesses can now link up with other businesses and clients using real-time and speedy Internet connectivity. SIRO is the brains behind the introduction of high-speed Internet connections to businesses in Ireland.

Partnership with Viatel

In July 2018, SIRO announced a partnership with Viatel to introduce Gigabit internet connection to Irish businesses. The former is a broadband provider that delivers open-access broadband to 50 towns across Ireland. Covering over 160,000 premises, SIRO uses ESB network to deliver fiber optic cables to the client’s building. Viatel, on the other hand, specializes in providing voice services, data connectivity, and WAN solutions. SIRO partners with the largest local provider of voice and data services to ensure that Viatel customers experience ultra-high and symmetric connectivity. This partnership comes shortly after SIRO and Digiweb agreed to provide Gigabit connections to small businesses and homes in at least 20 towns across Ireland.

Connecting 2000+ Businesses

The partnership gives Viatel the responsibility to offer never-seen-before high-speed Gigabit connections to enterprises across Ireland. Viatel targets at least 2,000 businesses in the next one year. SIRO’s fiber-to-the-building connections don’t feature any copper connections, which are known to slow down the Internet. Businesses can now access 1 Gigabit speeds and take less time to communicate with stakeholders and improve business operations.


After profit, efficiency and speed in business processes is the next most attractive quality, especially in this digital era. The SIRO/Viatel partnership delivers high-speed Internet connections to organizations across the entire business sector in Ireland. With the introduction of Gigabit-speed Internet connections in Ireland, businesses can now celebrate a quick exchange of data and information with stakeholders.