Twenty-five percent of businesses in Ireland experience unscheduled energy shortages. Following the launch of Centrica Business Solutions (CBS) to Ireland, Bord Gáis Energy through its RED C research revealed that 23 percent of businesses in the Irish market experience unplanned energy shortages that cost at least €10,000. The research was focused on the behaviors and attitudes of businesses towards energy and its efficiency.

Other Findings

Bord Gais Energy also revealed that energy efficiency is among the top three priorities of the majority of businesses. Shockingly, less than half of businesses are satisfied with energy efficiency, and at least two-thirds of Irish businesses admit that energy savings are linked to an improved bottom line. Approximately 90 percent of business owners want the Government to introduce incentives for energy efficiency.

What is Centrica Business Solutions

CBS is an innovation that helps Irish businesses to reduce energy spend, strengthen resilience, improve operational performance and gain an edge over rivals. As the Interim manager of Bord Gáis states, “we’re committed to providing solutions that empower our business customers to take control of their energy.” Among the solutions that CBS brings to the Irish market is combined heat and power (CHP) system. Centrica Business Solutions also has a product known as Panoramic Power, which allows users to map energy saving patterns. The real-time visibility of energy usage from device level up the overall site level will help users identify opportunities for efficient use of energy because Panoramic Power allows users to monitor individual circuits, such as heating and lighting.

Bottom Line

The last thing that an organization wants to experience is unscheduled energy shortages coupled with high energy costs. Every business will do anything in its powers to cut down on the costs of energy, which costs a lot and may eat so much into its revenues. The launch of CBS is a blessing to Irish businesses as it aids in reducing energy shortages and costs.