Intercom’s New Messenger Is a Game Changer in the World of Business

Tech companies in Ireland are fast embracing innovation and creativity to meet customer needs. Intercom, a tech company that was founded in Ireland, plans to rebuild its Messenger to focus on customer-oriented apps that help users get things done quickly. This system will allow businesses in Ireland to add mobile applications that will satisfy customer needs. Intercom was founded in 2011 to allow Internet businesses to communicate with their clients through their own mobile apps and websites.

12 Apps that Customers Can Integrate with

The new messaging platform will offer 12 user-friendly apps. Customers can use the apps to book appointments, complete a sign-up process without necessarily leaving the messaging app, and check order status. Shopify, Google, Aircall, Stripe and Product Hunt are among the apps that customers will access. The new intercom Messenger will also allow customers to build applications for their own use.

Messaging to Be the Primary Channel of Communication Between Businesses and Clients

Businesses in Ireland invest a lot of resources into the communication media they use to convey information to customers. Messaging is cheap and is poised to be the primary way businesses talk to their customers. Money that would have been invested in complex communication methods would be put into other profitable ventures. Messaging is no longer just about chat, it has grown to be able to get many things done. The home screen of the new Messenger features a list of apps that can help users to accomplish their needs.

Bottom Line

Intercom’s new Messenger allows companies to build their own apps for specific purposes. They can also build apps to feed app stores for clients. The new messaging platform is easy to use and allows customers to, among doing other things, hold meaningful conversations, request a demo, book an appointment, or place and check the status of orders.