How to Market a Startup Business on a Shoe-string Budget in Ireland

During the early stages of a business, owners look for cheap and effective ways to cut on costs. Marketing requires wads of cash and this may eat so much into the budget and revenues of a startup. Fortunately, small business owners can access cost-effective marketing tools that can help to promote their businesses to targeted audiences within a short timeframe. Unlike traditional marketing tools, which are limited and hard to measure, digital marketing tools are many and trackable. Here are ways to market a business on a shoe-string budget:

Embracing Social Media

Social media is no longer a platform to gain exposure. Businesses are now making necessary time investments in social media to reach out to large audiences. Posting offers and tying ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not expensive. Any startup can afford to build a platform with any social network and use the platform to promote and sell its products and services.

Using Local Listing Services

Who will not want to market their business for free? Three local big listings, namely Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Microsoft Bing, offer opportunities for businesses to market themselves without paying a dime. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account with any of these listings prior to marketing your brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the digital world ever changing and in these times of constant googling, no business should underestimate the power of SEO. Setting up a website is not enough; businesses have to go an extra mile, and optimize their websites for search engines to ensure they are primed in the search results.

A Take Home

Every startup company will want to explore ways to cut down on marketing costs to maximize revenue, profits, and use the money that would otherwise have been put into marketing for other business ventures. Digital marketing tools, including social media, local listing services, and search engine optimization, offer free creative ways to promote brands.