Who will win this year’s Spider Awards? With a new look and feel, the best technology award-giving organization is back and set to host its 23rd annual prestigious event. The entries for 2018 are open and people are encouraged to nominate other business or present their proposals to compete for this year’s digital technology awards. Spiders Awards, which refers to businesses as Spiders, focus on brands that display digital excellence.

Longest Standing Digital Technology Awards

Spider Awards is Ireland’s longest standing technology awards and has never failed to award businesses that best incorporate innovation and new technology in their processes. Since its inception in 1996, Spider Awards has recognized the extraordinary achievement of startups, SMEs, and established agencies as well as the digital transformation portrayed by founders, CEOs, and teams of various organizations. The awards target all regions and business sectors in Ireland and include 15 categories, including but not limited to Best Digital Start-up and Best in Campaign. Nominations for the best businesses with regards to digital revolution are open and will run up to September 26.

Benefits to Businesses in Irelands

With the stage set for organizations to showcase their best talent and creativity, some people may be unsure of how the awards will benefit businesses. Webfactoy, which was once recognized as the largest and best digital agency in Ireland, admitted that being a Spider triggered the growth rate of its revenue by 10 percent. Fathom’s Gareth Dunlop, says his organization gained credibility in the marketplace and advanced globally after he was recognized as the Best in User Experience. These awards help businesses, especially startups and SMEs, drive digital growth, and learn and emulate what the best are doing to obtain results that are beyond expectations. The startup and SME community is fast burgeoning, and this may just be the right time for businesses to look forward to being nominated and winning the highest level of digital accreditation in Ireland.